School of Science Website: Physics Majors Hit the Sand for Annual Volleyball Match

Physics Majors Hit the Sand For Annual Volleyball Match

Newton’s laws of motion and gravity were put to the test as physics majors hit the sand for the 14th annual freshmen vs. upperclassmen volleyball match on Wednesday, September 9th, 2009. volley ball

Overcast skies could not dampen the enthusiasm of the students and faculty members who participated in the afternoon of friendly competition and welcoming spirit.  According to Dr. Nathan Magee, the event is a requirement of the freshmen seminar class and one of its main purposes is to break the ice between members of the department.  “Freshman are able to see their professors in a little bit more accessible and laid back context,” said Dr. Magee, Physics Chair and third-year participant. “In doing so, they get to know them as more than just talking heads in the classroom and also get the chance to meet some of the upperclassmen.”

With approximately 80 majors, Physics Club advisor Dr. Romulo Ochoa explained that the match was a great way for students to meet one another in the relatively small and close-knit department.  “There are only about twenty physics freshmen in a college of 1,300, so the chances of them meeting outside the department is about 1 in 65,” Ochoa said. “Volleyball is a relatively easy game to play and a fun way to connect.”

vball2 Corey Tang, senior physics major and treasurer of the Astronomy Club, emphasized the   importance of building relationships with fellow majors and faculty members. He explained that learning to rely on one another is essential and the volleyball match provides a great vehicle for doing so.

According to freshman Dacoda Nelson, the best part of the volleyball game was getting to know the faculty. Although he had met several professors prior to the game, he said he was more comfortable approaching them afterward. “It was really good just to see the professors as regular people and know you can talk to them,” explained Nelson.  “They can’t be that stuffy if they are playing volleyball,” he added with a laugh.


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