Anaezi Modu of ReBrand

Anaezi Modu is founder and CEO of ReBrand, an expert-led resource dedicated to brand transformations. Its leading program is the REBRAND 100® Global Awards, in which a panel of international experts evaluate and recognize the brand reposition of participants. With this highly respected award comes recognition for success in rebranding and all winners are included in the ReBrand’s database of referrals for those seeking consultants. Via Skype, Modu shared with the Introduction to Professional Writing class her experience in founding the company and offered excellent advice for networking and so forth.

In watching the video chat with Anaezi Modu, the idea that “you are not your degree” was something that particularly resonated with me. In my last reflection, I noted our previous speaker Lena West was an individual that follows her own advice by example and in my opinion, Modu too bolsters the validity of her assertion by nature of her professional shift from architecture to (re)branding. However, what really impressed me was the manner by which she navigated the transition from designing physical space to designing cyberspace through maintaining the key skill of “moving people through space.” I had never really considered website design in this manner, but viewing it as more than just a static, two-dimensional framework will be an asset as I begin reviewing the usability of my web design. Overall, it was rewarding opportunity to learn how someone with an educational background firmly rooted in architecture shifted her focus to a relatively new concept of rebranding and built a company from the ground up. In learning how she did this, I was inspired and comforted by the axiom that she essentially fulfilled, “where there is a will there is a way.”

Throughout this course, we have focused a lot of our time on the concept of branding, which despite being around for quite a while has only been articulated by name as a strategy in recent years. Thus, Modu’s initiative and creativity in carving out a niche within rebranding and organizing a competition is impressive in its originality. Perhaps most inspiring is how she identifies herself as the, “little guy with just a dream and a prayer.” In defining branding as more than just the look and feel in marketing (logos, colors), Modu moves beyond the physical to the emotional level and gets right at the sum total of experiences you have with that organization. For example, the raw and gritty design of Love146 truly embodies its message and conveys a unique “feeling” in navigating the site. Overall, it was extremely effective and I really identified with the cause. With this example in mind, I found it useful to consider effectiveness of the brand in the digital world as not only understanding physical space and navigation but more of a 360 degree approach by focusing on how to engage the audience, as Love146 did. Thus, the “rebranded” website design should be a simple and clean background acting as a canvas to showcase the content.

In Modu’s discussion of rebranding, I was quite impressed with the status afforded writers, otherwise known as “verbal identity strategists.” With the crisis in the newspaper industry, it was comforting to have a professional articulate the role journalists/writers can play in shaping the voice of a brand. To an even greater extent, it expanded my view of what professions are available to me not as a “journalism major” but an individual with a passion for writing and a unique skill set acquired from a variety of coursework (as you can see, I have already taken Modu’s advice in expanding my viewpoint to exceed the limits of a degree).

In summary, it was a special treat to talk with someone who has found such great success not only in rebranding but also in applying her specific skill set to an entirely different field (though admittedly tied by the concept of “moving people through space”). Based on her example, I have realized that I do not need to be tied down by the major I choose but rather I ought to explore the multitude of possibilities that exist out there for writers and verbal identity strategists. Perhaps the most inspiring sentiment I drew from this talk was her assertion that you can do whatever you want by mixing your skill set with a little bit of passion and whole lot of hard work. I want to sincerely thank Modu for offering this piece of advice and in pursuing a writing career, I aim to keep her example in mind as one who made the most of her skills.
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