What’s happened to Seattle P-I journalists since the paper closed?

What’s happened to Seattle P-I journalists since the paper closed?.

With the unraveling of newspapers’ traditional business model, the 146-year-old Seattle Post-Intelligencer became the first major metropolitan newspaper to make the transition from print to online-only. In the process, the newsroom was cut down from more than 150 reporters to 20, contributing 140 luckless reporters to the almost 25,000 journalists who have lost their jobs in the last 12 months.

So what’s a journalist to do after getting the cut? Well, a former P-I reporter sought to answer that very question by surveying former colleagues. According to his findings, out of the seventy-one that responded, only one-third have obtained full-time jobs, often at a lower pay and of that number, only 15 percent are still in the field of journalism. Others have found work blogging or freelancing, left the business completely to pursue communications or business and some are still jobhunting.

I found the piece to be an extremely well-done informal survey and I recommend that all journalists take a look. Layoffs, closings and unemployment are a scary thing, and learning about the plight of the PI reporters only makes reality clearer.


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