Classmate’s quiz breaks down who I should have voted for…Corzine!

Check out my classmate’s civic engagement project on the New Jersey gubernatorial race. Its a pretty neat quiz that matches up your beliefs with each candidates’ stance on a range of important issues: taxes, health care reform, gay marriage, education and so on.

At times, it seems that the hyperbolic mudslinging that goes on during campaigns overshadows the actual issues (accusations in Corzine’s ads that the albeit corpulent Christie “threw his weight around” to get out of a traffic ticket?). It was definitely refreshing to take a look at the issues that really matter, not whether Christie’s girth makes him unfit to govern.

Who SHOULD You Have Voted For?

Your Result: Jon Corzine

You SHOULD have voted for Jon Corzine, New Jersey’s incumbent governor. Among Corzine’s campaign promises were to support health care reform and the insured mammogram, and, even though he raised taxes twice in his term as governor, he vowed to cut them if he won a second term. Based on your own personal views, you SHOULD have voted for Jon Corzine, but who DID you vote for?

Disclaimer: Answers reflect campaign platforms and rhetoric and the quiz-maker’s interpretation, and not necessarily the current viewpoints of this gentleman.

Chris Daggett
Chris Christie
Who SHOULD You Have Voted For?
Quiz Created on GoToQuiz

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