It’s been a long time coming…

New Year’s Resolution # 1: Blog, blog, blog.

A month ago, I was having the time of my life in London. Today, I am sitting in the kitchen of my suburbanite home, contemplating life, pancakes and whether the snow will keep me from venturing out to Planet Fitness. Reverse culture shock aside, life in the States has not been all that bad. There was Christmas cheer, New Year’s celebrations and a winter wonderland. But with only a week until school starts up again in Jersey, I am beginning to feel antsy. The solution? Adhere to my New Year’s Resolutions like crazy. Here they are:

1. Blog more often. Not once in a blue moon, but every week, four times a month, 48 times a year.

2. Learn the word of the day and USE it that day. (Preferably among those who won’t find you too highfalutin). Exhibit A: “Did you know sockdolager* was possibly the last word Abraham Lincoln heard before he was assassinated? Can you say ironic!” See, it can be both a conversation starter and an interesting tidbit!

*sockdolager: heavy, finishing blow or decisive reply

3. Get fit. The age old resolution to lose weight or eat healthier never seems to stick with me, so I’ve devised a clever way to not let myself down. Getting fit implies being healthier and that sort of goal is much easier to maintain. I hope to be able to run like the wind without getting winded and eat better without forgoing all tasty treats. Instead, I’m all about eating in moderation and incorporating veggies and fruits into my diet. It seems to be working: my favorite new snack is no longer chips but carrots and hummus!

Fresh year, fresh start. Let’s see how these go….


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